Page Remove three screws 1. Figure Removing the duplexer tray Pull out the duplexer tray. Slide the right tab to the right, and leave the tab in this position throughout the procedure. Pull down the green pressure-release levers. Main motor Remove all covers.

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This HP product is warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship. During the test, the printer prints horizontal lines down the entire printable area h; a page. Product Information Product information This chapter provides information on the following topics: View information about the printer, hp lj p2015 as the printer description and a contact person.

Remove three screws 1 from the left side of p2105 printer. Lift the assembly away from the printer. Fatal Error Secondary Messages Fatal error secondary messages If the printer has a fatal error, press and hold the button to see a secondary error message.

Page Remove hp lj p2015 screws 3. Main motor Remove all covers.

Figure Removing the right-side cover Lift the cover away from the printer. Set up E-mail Alerts. Try a different media type. Page Pull the tab on the cable holder 2 and slide it toward the center to hp lj p2015 it from the frame, and then unroute the cables.

During the transition we will be shipping orders daily, but there may be some minor delays. Hp lj p2015 63 Remove the old pickup roller from the printer. Network-setup problemsolving If the computer cannot discover the networked HP LaserJet Series printer, perform the following steps: Introduction This chapter documents removal and h of field replaceable units FRUs only. Figure Removing the print-cartridge door 2 hp lj p2015 2 Lift the cartridge-door assembly straight away from the printer.

Hewlett-Packard recommends that you insure the equipment for shipment. Memory-tag-reader Assembly Memory-tag-reader assembly Remove all covers. Top cover Remove the left-side cover, the right-side cover, the back cover, and the duplexer tray. Troubleshooting Tools And Reference Diagrams, Repetitive Image Defects Troubleshooting tools and reference diagrams Hp lj p2015 image defects If the printer output has a consistent, repetitive hp lj p2015, then use Table Repetitive image defects on page to determine which part needs to be replaced based on the measured distance between the repetitions of the defect.

Redistribute toner When toner is low, faded or light areas appear on the printed page. Hp lj p2015 Remove tray 2. Vertical Lines, Gray Background, Toner Smear Vertical lines The photosensitive drum inside the print cartridge has probably been scratched.

Remove one h; 2and then lift the solenoid off the printer chassis. Page Press the print-cartridge-door button, and then remove the print cartridge from the printer.

With both hands, grasp the side of the media that is most hp lj p2015 this includes the middleand carefully pull it free from the printer. Diagnostic Resources, Engine Test, Continuous Hp lj p2015 Diagnostic resources Engine test The engine test verifies that the print engine is functioning correctly.

Worldwide, go to http: Open the print-cartridge-door button, and then remove the print cartridge from the printer.

Most-Wanted Parts for HP LaserJet P/ Series Printers

hp lj p2015 Developing The developing cylinder comes in contact with the photosensitive drum to deposit toner onto the electrostatic latent image. Release the tab 2 at the back of the printer on the right side.

hp lj p2015 Page Remove one screw 1. On the right side of the printer, press the tabs on two gears 1 to release the gears, and then slide the gears off the shafts. Page – Network-setup problemsolving Page – Reset the printer Page – Network reset Page – P201 tools and reference diag Reinstall the print cartridge, and close the print-cartridge door. Change the printer paper-handling settings, such as default paper size and hp lj p2015 paper type.

ISO Printer Yield Reports

During the printing process, paper, toner, and dust particles can accumulate p015 the printer. Pull hp lj p2015 fuser out of the printer at an angle so that the delivery roller shaft clears the hole 1 in the chassis. This manual also for: ENWW Pickup and feed assemblies Open the Microsoft Windows Control Panel. Loose toner Clean the inside of the printer.

HP LJ CLJ LaserJet Printers, Fusers, Repair Parts, Maintenance Kits, Rollers

Page 59 Line up the black retaining tabs in the printer hp lj p2015 the grooves in the pickup roller, and then press the pickup roller into the pickup-roller seat until the retaining tabs click.

Page 74 Pull the white tabs outward, and rotate the tabs up. The printer is certified as a “Class 1” laser product under the U.

Site preparation Place the printer on a sturdy, level surface that meets the following environmental requirements: Got it, continue to print. Page of Go. Bp For best results use a sheet of transparency. Use the following procedure to perform a cold reset. Damage caused by sharp objects will not be covered by the warranty. If HP receives notice of such defects during the p015 period, HP will, at its option, either repair or replace products which prove to be defective.

Hp lj p2015 the printer hp lj p2015 into an AC outlet instead of into a power strip. Touch any metal part of the printer or other grounded metal before touching the DIMM.